Cottageville is a quaint, friendly little town with roots that go as deep as the 1700's. It is located approximately 35 miles northwest of Charleston on Highway 17-A. Cottageville is the axis of several communities within a five mile radius. Residents of Gloverville, Spring Hill, Rehoboth, Red Oak, Jericho, McDaniel, and Round O often come to Cottageville for groceries, gasoline, and other necessities. A brief history of the town follows:

The greater community that includes Cottageville and RoundO was once known as "The Round O". The community and surrounding was settled in the mid 1700's as a buffer zone between Charleston and Native Americans.  Transportation, land, tools and food supplies were provided to those settlers by the English government.  Produce for markets were primarily rice and naval stores.  During the Revolution this area saw action, including a skirmish at Round O, because of it location near Charleston, which was then the capital of the state and beseiged by the British.  After the capture of Charleston by British troops, Jacksonboro became the capital of South Carolina.

From 1830-1850, many people moved to the area to grow cotton as rice cultivation was abandoned by the time of the Revolutionary War. 

The Cottageville community had its beginnings with a Methodist Church, a parsonage and one house, around 1870.  First known as Round O, the community had grown to the point it needed its own post office and was given the name of Cottageville in 1878.  The name was selected by three residents in honor of the Methodist minister who called hid home "Our Cottage Home".  At that time, the cottage was a new style of architecture popular in this area sincr 1850.  The post office was first located in a local sotre, but has since been located in at least seven different locations.

There was no school at that time, so the Methodist minister gave the residents the opportunity to attend school in his home along with his own children by a governess he had hired.  The first public school was started in 1893.  That same year a famous tornado came through and blew down hundred of trees in the area but left the school untouched.

The worst tragdedy in the town's history was recorded in the August 30, 1916, edition of The Press and Standard which stated:  "One of the sad consequences following the campaign meeting at Cottageville was a wholesale poisoning of many people who ate ice cream.  Two deaths have been reported so far and more than 150 people were made sick, the cause being ptomaine poisoning from cream sold on the grounds."

The town was first incorporated around 1928, but according to a local historian, gave up its charter because no one was willing to be mayor and accept responsibility for the light bill which was in arrears.  The town was reincorporated on November 22, 1937. 


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